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Agility over Agile

Hyper-Functional Agile teams is what we enable for our clients and thats precisely what differentiates us. We are a global Agile consulting company collaborating with cross cultural organisations across geographies.

Founded in 2016 , the company is lead by passionate team of super-specialists who have the proven experience of transformation of waterfall cultures into SureAgile teams. The SureAgile is headquartered in Bangalore and collaborates with global teams over various conferencing solutions.

We deliver holistic solutions to our clients for them to transform into Agile methodologies and achieve predictability, quantifiable increments in quality, higher customer satisfaction , and last-mile transparency in their organisations.

As a policy ,We put people before process, and truly believe the people are the most critical piece of a machinery for any of the process to work, Thus we focus on sustainable employee productivity to enable the employees to give out their heart’s best before head’s best.

Process driven implementation. We have, based upon our experience and insights, from various organisations that we had worked with earlier, figured out the best practices, and how our SureAgile implementation has helped them to achieve greater agility. Using this we have formulated a set of processes that can be customised or directly applied in your Startup organisations.This process driven approach for providing solutions to our clients helps further enhance our process and exceed our customers expectations.