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Success Stories

-Case Study References
The Lean Startup

Grockit was founded in 2007 to enable social learning, specifically test preparation (SAT, LSAT, etc). The company used agile development to get a product out quickly and continues to use this method in continuous deployment. On a typical day, Grockit’s online learning platform hosts 1,000 cross national border interactions and supports users spanning 150 countries.

Farbood Nivi

CEO, Grockit

Aardvark, a company subsequently acquired by Google, developed a social search engine. The product enables users to ask questions, mainly subjective, that are then distributed to the social graph for users for answers. Aardvark tested its concept by building a series of minimum viable products (MVP), each designed to test a way of solving a customer problem. What became Aardvark was the sixth prototype that the team created

Damon horowitz

Co-founder, Aardvark search